X-Aircross 2

Model X-Aircross 2
Material Carbon Fiber
Weight (g) 912g
Diameter 25mm
Section 5
Folded 360mm
Max.Height 1510mm
Lowest 173mm
Max.Load 10kg
Features Ultimate design – The lightweight and steady – Only 912g

  • Hollow-carved design & Roman column style

Crafts and Technologies – Fotopro innovative solution

  • 1 second unfolds and locks – Fotopro quick locking system – Eccentric structure
  • Dual 360°Panorama shooting – The two-axis design makes the independent rotation of the camera platform, even when the tripod is unbalanced
  • Detachable column – Shooting the macro distance by close to the ground
  • 25mm center column – 912g can still shoot steadily in winds
  • Multifunctional storage bag – It’s a backpack, also a handbag. Unique storage design to prevent loss.
  • Sandblasting dyeing process – Color protection technology
  • Anodizing – Rustproof
  • The double-head screw design of carrying plate with 3/8″ screw and 1/4″ screw, which is convenient to combine other equipment, e.g DSLR, phone holder or light etc.